Accelerating Digital Across Transport & Infrastructure

Transport & Infrastructure is embracing a new digital era – We combine knowledge, technology and a customer-centric approach to help you realise the power of digital transformation

Deep Technical Expertise

We bring deep cross-sector engineering and asset management experience, ensuring we can understand highly complex, technical, safety critical challenges faced by our clients

Modern Technology

Our innovative technologists and developers are proponents of full-stack, web components and Azure cloud as enablers of new ways to deliver modern, scalable, web & mobile applications.

Relentless Customer Focus

Our customer centric approach enables us to personalise our engagement. We pride ourselves on our agile, partnered delivery model ensuring we develop solutions that deliver real value to end users.

Transport & Infrastructure

Transport and Infrastructure sectors have traditionally been amongst the most conservative industries with respect to technology adoption but recently enterprises have accelerated their digitalisation efforts.

Encouraged by expanding deployment of supporting infrastructure capability such as 4G/5G Network and Cloud, Transport & Infrastructure industries are embracing digital technologies and the role they can play in delivering safe, sustainable, and efficient services that deliver customer satisfaction. But Digital Transformation in these sectors is challenging; legacy IT, siloed data, reliance on spreadsheets, organisational and process complexity, operating environment, and target audience can all contribute to this challenge.  

At Asset Insights we’re investing in the industry knowledge, technology expertise and collaborative approaches needed to consistently overcome these challenges and modernise their application landscape affordably and at pace. 

Latest Case Studies

Engineering Digital Acceleration Platform (EDAPt)

Using open source technologies within Azure Cloud, our Engineering Digital Acceleration Platform EDAPt incorporates a series of loosely coupled web components that add value to Transport & Infrastructure clients, supporting delivery of affordable applications at scale and speed.

With established implementations across leading Transport & Infrastructure organisations our platform empowers business problem owners to create fully customised applications that modernise legacy systems or digitise business processes without the need to start from scratch.

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