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Accelerate your digital journey with pre built web components

Engineering Digital Acceleration Platform (EDAPt)

At a time when digital solutions are transforming almost every industry, Transport & Infrastructure can’t afford to be left behind. It’s hard to overstate the potential impact of digitisation, in fact, digital technology is disrupting pretty much every aspect of Transport & Infrastructure operations. At the same time there’s increasing pressure to deliver improved services at lower costs.

Using open source technologies within Azure Cloud, our Engineering Digital Acceleration Platform EDAPt incorporates a series of loosely coupled web components that add value to Transport & Infrastructure clients, supporting delivery of affordable applications at scale and speed.

With established implementations across leading Transport & Infrastructure organisations our platform empowers business problem owners to create fully customised applications that modernise legacy systems or digitise business processes without the need to start from scratch.

Accelerated Delivery

Pre-built microservices enables us to create bespoke, fully scalable solutions at speed using ready made mature component parts. No need for complex, high cost infrastructure solutions built from scratch.

Improved Performance

Turn data from rigid, complex legacy systems into insights through integrated apps; reduce risk through data quality issues and audibility; and visualise your data through user centric interfaces.

Cloud enabled

Our Cloud enabled platform can be deployed across all operating systems, providing access to data from any location on any device, improving collaboration and ensuring the right people have the right information at the right time.

Flexible and Affordable

Our pre-built microservices takes the cost out of creating solutions from scratch. Using open source technology, our platform solution gives you the flexibility of developing bespoke solutions that scale with your project.

Asset Insights

Engagement approach

The starting point for our approach to customisation is always to understand the business problem and the finer details of the business environment that will help ensure any application is aligned to user need. We are adept at translating complex business requirements and working collaboratively in a very data driven way. 

We’ve had success delivering Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) within an R&D environment where others have failed, using Agile delivery approaches.