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PodFlo - Possession Delivery Flow

A modern technology enabled solution to digitise the Possession Management process across Rail

Managing possessions on the railway is a complex undertaking in a safety critical environment.

PodFlo, our cloud hosted, digital possession management solution combines modern web and mobile capabilities, allowing users to intuitively prepare and execute possessions. The solution replicates the complex safety critical business logic that underpins the current process whilst maintaining real time comms, ensuring that all engineering works are completed safely and efficiently. 

Digital Solutions, Delivered Differently

Visibility of data and work progress

Role Based Access, a modern user interface (UI), offline mobile access and dynamic map-based view, all ensure that the planning and delivery teams have access to the right information at the right time to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of possession.

Centralised data in a single digital Solution

Remove the need for manual interactions and paper-based forms. PodFlo allows a user to intuitively track and record relevant possession management and work delivery plans data, in real time, removing any need for the multiple phone calls and emails.

Quality Assurance

A single, digital solution provides improved data integrity and auditability. The amount of write up needed following works delivery is reduced and the data maturity advancements provides a robust audit trail.

Operational efficiency

Digitising the possession management process means that the teams on the ground delivering works have more time to focus on the matter at hand, delivering safety critical works and assuring other activities.

Flexible Features

Automated PICOP Pack

Auto creation of the PICOP Pack saves time and establishes a digitised baseline for each possession.

Dynamic Map based views

Dynamic map-based views provide a rich geographic representation of the possession layout

Role-based access and modern UI

Role based access control and the modern UI maximises solution security and usability

Real-time comms

Real-time comms across all devices improves process efficiency and situational awareness

Automated workflow

Safe workflow is embedded in the solution, improving process integrity and safety performance

Robust audit trail

An audit log is captured for each possession and arrangement forms are auto populated.

Customers We Partner With

“By digitising the possession management, all users within an office and trackside are able to instantly see the most recent data, removing any need for manual phone calls and email communications. This brings safer working and a reduction in near misses from miscommunication or inaccurate records by 15%”
Dom Gorton, Senior Operations Delivery Manager at Network Rail

Empowering Benefits

Time on Tools

Workers are spending less time embroiled in phone calls or completing paperwork during a possession, enabling front line workers to take and handback possessions digitally.

Safety & Wellbeing

PodFlo brings safer working with reduction in near misses from miscommunication or inaccurate records by 15%

Reduced risk of possession overrun

Access to real-time data and insights improves situational awareness, with less delays and more accuracy to avoid possession overruns.

Improved Data Integrity and Audibility

A single, digital solution provides improved data integrity and auditability, minimising the inherent safety risk within such a time critical manual process.

Award winning Technology

Winner of the Safety & Wellbeing Award at the Rail Industry Supplier Excellence (RISE) awards​

The RISE awards celebrate the excellence and achievements of the Railway Industry Association (RIA) supply chain members, with Asset Insights being shortlisted for 2 categories – ‘SME Growth in Rail’ and ‘Safety and Wellbeing’ for our digital Possession Management Solution, in collaboration with Network Rail.