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Railworks Coordinator

Providing a centralised digital solution to coordinate all your work on the Railway

Having timely and accurate access to information detailing the ‘what, who, where?’ of works on the network, fundamentally underpins Network Rail’s ability to safely and effectively run the railway.

The Railworks Coordinator is replacing the manual submission of weekly spreadsheets, known as ‘Racecards, with a highly functional, cloud hosted digital solution that incorporates data automation, workflow and visualisation, within a centralised  system, delivering a single version of the truth for all parties at any given time.  

Digital Solutions, Delivered Differently

Data Transparency and Accuracy

Prepopulated data, a highly visual interface and real-time reporting provides accurate, high quality data to make better informed decisions.

Centralised data in a single digital Solution

Remove the need for multiple spreadsheets, missing or inaccurate data and limited visibility, Railworks Coordinator provides a single point of truth at any given time.

Quality Assurance

A single, digital solution provides improved data integrity and auditability to mitigate safety risks.

Operational efficiency

Automated data population, flexible search and embedded process workflows create a streamlined approach to maximise operational efficiency

Flexible Features

Rich search and filtering

Explore the data in different ways and access the information you need easily

Modern Intuitive User Interface (UI)

The highly visual interface and real-time reporting provides improved responsiveness and decision-making capabilities

Role-based access

Role based access ensures views and data are tailored and secure

Dynamic Map Views

Modern geospatial analysis techniques give a visual representation of planned works with quick access to more detailed works information at the click of a button.

Automated workflows

Prepopulated data, embedded workflows and email notifications ensure the process is efficient

Seamless integrations 

Integrations with your existing systems such as PPS and NROL enable cross-platform visibility and unified data control, ensuring our solution complements your current capabilities. 

Customers We Partner With

“Railworks Coordinator combines all the engineering works on the Wales and Western network into a single location, bringing transparency and data accuracy. For delivery it highlights opportunities to work more collaboratively and efficiently. For Senior Management it gives us the confidence that for all works, we know where, when, who and what is going on. ”
Kevin Collins, Regional Head of Project and Construction Management, Wales and Western

Empowering Benefits

Improved Collaboration

A single solution for communication and collaboration enables all stakeholders to view and resolve issues in real-time, improving integration, coordination & communication across work

Improved Safety and Regulatory Compliance

A centralised data system provides access to consistent & assured data to mitigate risks, monitor safety performance and help meet regulatory compliance

Increased Efficiency

Manual, time consuming and outdated processes are reduced through prepopulated data, automated process workflows and real-time reporting, providing increased efficiency and allowing Project Managers to focus on more strategic activities

Explore data in new ways

The highly visual, user centric tool establishes different ways to explore the data, providing real-time visibility and reporting to make more informed decisions

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The current process for coordinating Race-Cards relies heavily on manual effort and spreadsheets which carries an inherent safety risk and limits opportunities for reporting and optimisation across the portfolio.